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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

#12 - Giselle

AE001 - RM120; Colour: Gold, Yellow; Size: 60cm x 170cm; Material: Silk

 AE005 - RM50; Colour: Black, Grey; Size: 40cm x 180cm; Material: Viscose, Lurex

AE009 - RM90; Colour: Multicoloured; Size: 56cm x 180cm; Material: Silk

 AE006 - RM120; Colour: Green; Size: 65cm x 195cm; Material: Cotton

 AE001 - RM120; Colour: Gold, Yellow; Size: 60cm x 170cm; Material: Silk

AE002 - RM70; Colour: Black, Gold; Material: Georgette, Polyester

 AE004 - RM100; Colour: Brown; Size: 55cm x 175cm; Material: Polyester, Rayon, Velvet

 AE003 - RM120; Colour: Black; Size: 65cm x 175cm; Material: Silk

AE010 - RM120; Colour: Brown; Size: 20cm x 170cm; Material: Velvet | AE011 - RM120; Colour: Black, Grey; Size: 20cm x 170cm; Material: Velvet

AE007 - RM100; Colour: Black, Gold; Size: 58.5cm x 180cm - (23" x 70.9"); Material: Viscose, Lurex

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